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Porodo High-Speed 4G Router 300Mbps Wifi & 4G LTE

19.900 KWD

Thanks to a Micro SIM card slot, the Porodo High Speed 4G-LTE Router is able to provide a 4G network, so that you have a choice of WiFi and 4G connectivity on all your compatible devices. To create a shareable 4G network, all you have to do is insert your Micro SIM card into the router – no configuration needed. Supports upto 20 Devices. Supports LTE Speeds UPlink 150 Mbps and Downlink 150 Mbps

Easy controls

Offering full control of your network, the Porodo High Speed 4G-LTE Router offers guest network access. This is perfect for letting guests use your WiFi without full access to your network.

The Porodo High Speed 4G-LTE Router has integrated antennas, which provide reliable connections and good coverage in your home, so that you can easily access your WiFi.


1 Year warranty

One (1) year limited warranty included in this product

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